Bone Regeneration

You may need periodontal surgery if the tissues around your teeth are beyond repair. An advanced periodontal disease can sometimes destroy the bone or tissue supporting your teeth. In such cases, we recommend a bone regeneration procedure that can restore some of the damage the provide stability.

Once the disease is causing bacteria and infected tissue are removed, a tissue regeneration material, made from membranes, bone grafts, and tissue-stimulating proteins are growth factors will be placed on your remaining bone to successfully regenerate the bone and ligament. 

Benefits of Bone Regeneration

  • Eliminates existing bacteria.

  • It reduces the spread if bacterial infection caused in your gums and in-turn reduces the risk of infections throughout the body.

  • Helps regenerate bone and tissue that may be damaged.

  • It halts further bone loss.

  • It reduces gum pocket depths and repairs the damage.

  • It helps you maintain daily oral hygiene.

  • It can eliminate red, swollen, and receding gums.