Crown Lengthening 

Is too much of your gum tissue exposed when you smile? You do not have to live with it anymore. Rely on Dr. Haque to perform a cosmetic crown lengthen procedure. 

How Crown Lengthening Works

This procedure re-contours the gum tissue and the underlying bone to expose a healthy tooth. It creates space between the supporting bone and crown and prepares the tooth for a properly fitting crown. Sometimes, it serves as a baseline procedure to perform other restorative procedures on your worn, decayed, or fractured tooth. 

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening- for Aesthetic or Medical Necessity

During the crown lengthening procedure, excess gum and bone tissues are reshaped in order to expose more of the natural tooth.

 This procedure can be done on a single tooth to even the gum line or on several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile. 

Why choose crown lengthening? 

  • Restore damaged teeth

  • Cosmetic reasons

  • Provides adequate space between crown, margin, and the jaw bone

Key benefits of Crown lengthening 

  • Better oral and overall health

  • Creates a more symmetric smile