With the help of Rock Springs Periodontics and Dr. Haque's superior knowledge, you can have implants that last a lifetime. Dr. Haque can replace your missing tooth with a firm and secure implant, by surgically placing in into your upper or lower jawbone. 

Why you can trust Rock Springs Periodontics with your implants?

Guided Implants

Dental implants provide and ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. They have the ability to provide moral contours, function,comfort, aesthetics, speech, and health. Dental implants maintain bone, a youthful appearance, and restore your natural smile.

At Rock Spring Periodontics, Dr. Haque utilizes state-of-the-art Smart Fusion technology along with a cone beam CT scan to place dental implants. By incorporating this technology in her treatment planning, she plans the case digitally and can easily visualize the bones, teeth, gums, and any vital structure. 

This allows her to be precise and surgically guide the implant placement. This means the implant in customized completely to you! As a result, the surgery is minimally invasive the shorting healing and recovery time. Dr. Haque offers many options when choosing an implant that is right for you. Partnering with Biohorizons and Nobel, Dr. Haque offers one tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, and Teeth in a day.  Implants placed by Dr. Haque are predictable with increased patient satisfaction. 

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How are dental implant useful?

  • They can replace one or more missing teeth without affecting other healthy teeth.

  • You can chew or bite on food easily without the discomfort of teeth shifting

  • They can restore your smile.

  • They can enhance you speech 

  • They can restore and enhance your facial tissues.

  • Your dentures or bridges can be directly mounted onto these natural-looking implants.