Scaling and Root Planing 

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease you may need scaling and root planing. At Rock Springs Periodontics, we offer a thorough deep-cleaning procedure for mild periodontal disease and gingivitis, where gum pockets are deeper than 3mm.

We use and instrument called and ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tarter around your gum  line, down to the bottom of each pocket. Your root surfaces are then smoothed ans planed using high end equipment. this helps shrink your gum pockets and maintain gum hygiene. 


 Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing 

  • This procedure prevents oral bacteria from traveling to other part of your body.

  • It strengthens your bone and helps prevent tooth loss.

  • It removed tartar and plaque with improves the appearance of your teeth.

  • It helps eliminate bad breath by killing all the harmful oral bacteria.