We care about your comfort! That's why at Rock Spring Periodontics we offer the option of sedation. We can provide the option of oral sedation, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation. 

  • Oral sedation is typically achieved by taking an oral medication, shortly before the procedure. The medication will make you drowsy and, may cause you to fall asleep during the procedure. You'll need a ride to and from the dental office when taking this type of medication.

  • Nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" is a controlled mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen that you breathe through a mask placed over your nose. This allows you to feel relaxed and less nervous about the treatment. The effects of the gas wear off quickly, allowing you to safely drive home after the procedure. Oral medication and the nitrous oxide are frequently used together, in which case you will not be able to drive yourself.

  • IV sedation

Talk to your Dr. Haque about these options and if they are right for you.