Comprehensive exams


The first step in to your high quality, personalized dental care! 

Periodontal Maintenance

A preventative step in avoiding periodontal disease. 



Get dental implants that last a lifetime at Rock Springs Periodontics!

Tissue Grafts


Gum Recession? Rock Springs Periodontics can help!

Scaling & Root Planing


Deep clean for mild periodontal disease and gingivitis. 

Bone Regeneration


Restore damage and improve stability. 

Crown Lengthening


Is there too much gum tissue exposed in your mouth when you smile?

Sinus Lift


Increase your chance at successful implants!



Essential if there is any clinical suspicion of malignancy.



Tooth causing pain or impacted?



High quality laser Frenectomy

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

State-or-the-art imaging technology!

No need to feel anxious about your oral procedures!