Sinus Lift Surgery

If you're in need of dental implants, you may require an addition procedure to increase the volume of bone.

Sinus lift surgery is a bone grafting procedure that can help by raising the floor of the sinus cavity. There are several different ways to accomplish this. Most often an incision is made into the gum. After this, the gum tissue is pulled back so that a cut is made into the lateral boney ball of the sinus. Then, the membrane is separated from the bone so that the bone graft material can be placed into the new space. In some cases,  the implant is also inserted during the sinus lift procedure. The procedure should not affect your breathing, allergies, or any other sinus-related matter. 

Techniques of a sinus lift procedure. 

  • Traditional Sinus Augmentation (Lateral Window Technique)

  • Osteotome Technique 

  • Hydraulic Sinus Condensing 

The benefits of a sinus lift procedure increase your chance for successful.